ah yes, civil war, where the government wants all 6 superheroes to register even tho one has a smithsonian exhibit, one never hid his identity AT ALL and the rest of the information shield had on everyone else was thrown onto the internet at the end of cap 2

what a great plot 


I love it because there’s literally only 2 people in the Avengers who probably wouldn’t want their names public. Bruce, because Hulk, duh. And Natasha, because she works best in the shadows. No shadows to work in when you’ve got a big spotlight pointed at you.

I suppose there’d be Clint too, but he’s more of an “infiltrate and clean up the mess” sort of assassin. Natasha is more of a “get close to them, get the info and then stab them in the back” sort of assassin.

My main problem with this plan, or at least rumoured plan, to use the Civil War story in the MCU is the lack of characters. Some of the main and most prominent causes for all the conflict in Civil War are characters from properties Marvel can’t even use. Sony Pictures owns Spiderman, insofar as film and movies go, and 20th Century Fox owns the Fantastic Four and X-Men in the same way. They both also own the rights to any character that started in said franchises, which is why Deadpool is being made by Fox and not Marvel.

Unless Disney decides it wants to buy back all those rights, we aren’t getting any crossover movies. No Avengers VS X-Men, no Civil War, none of that weird stuff with the dimensions in space and stuff. God knows Disney has enough money to buy the rights, but it’s whether they’ll see it as a good investment, and whether Sony/Fox are willing to let go of them.